Russia teases its ‘post-ISS’ space station with a model

The Russia already teases the “after ISS” with the model of its own space station, the ROSS. After the official announcement of its withdrawal from the ISS in 2024, the space agency Roscosmos working on the next step, i.e. a 100% Russian design station whose first phase of construction (4 modules) could take place between 2025 and 2030. The second phase of the project (two other modules + service platform) would take place between 2030 and 2035. The complete orbital installation of ROSS would therefore end around 2035. The station will be able to accommodate up to 4 astronauts, with of course rotations to ventilate the teams.

Russian space station ROSS

A model of the future station has been circulating in the Russian media in recent days (see above). This model shows that the dimensions of ROSS are far from those of the ISS, but the project is nonetheless very ambitious… and politically crucial for Russia. Some analysts believe, however, that the Russian withdrawal from the ISS could be just a huge bluff and that a return to normal would still be possible once the Ukrainian crisis is over.

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