Ryan Reynolds plays visitors from the future on Netflix

The actor, more “bankable” than ever, returns to Netflix with a science fiction epic, halfway between Back to the Future and Star Wars…

Ryan Reynolds is on every date. After Red Notice, which has broken records on the platform, the Canadian actor returns to Netflix with a new action film. In The Adam Project, he portrays a time traveler who teams up with a 12-year-old version of himself. The objective of his mission: to save the world. This new feature film should land on March 11 on our screens. A month before this release, the N rouge offers him a first trailer, which depicts the meeting of the two main characters.

We thus find Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds in the skin of the young and the less young Adam. We can also discover the different actors recruited for the occasion. Mark Ruffalo (Thor: Ragnarok) and Jennifer Garner (A.k.a) will camp the parents of young Adam, and therefore of Ryan Reynolds. You follow ? Zoe Zaldana will be the “love interests” of the time traveler. Along the way, all these beautiful people should come across creatures from elsewhere.

From the director of Free Guy

Shawn Levy is a regular at super-productions. Just this summer, the filmmaker directed Free Guy (still with Ryan Reynolds) who intended to immerse us in the heart of a video game inspired by GTA and Fortnite. He also directed many episodes of the series Stranger Things, which is expected to return this year. He also told us this summer that he had produced a good part of the images that were presented to us to the public.

With this new production, he is therefore tackling a genre he knows well: that of the popcorn film. We hope that he will put his sense of repartee and the well-felt valve at the service of this project. In any case, Ryan Reynolds seems to have enjoyed playing again in front of the director’s camera. In the description of the video, which he shared on YouTube, he says: “To say that I had an unforgettable moment (the time of my life in English) making this film would be an understatement. And a misleading reference to Dirty Dancing.”

Many films in 2022

Adam through time was one of the many feature films announced by Netflix in 2022. In a video shared a few weeks ago, the platform revealed the very busy program for the coming months, on the cinema side. No less than 50 unreleased feature films are expected. Sequels to already popular films like the second part of the adventures ofEnola HolmesWhere At loggerheads 2 which lands this time on the small screen.

For the novelties, it will be necessary to count on The Gray Man, an action thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans or the stop-motion version of Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro. There should be something for everyone. Especially since the platform is not slowing down its efforts on the series side, with Stranger Things season 4 or even The Sandman to name but a few.

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