Salto intends to land on ISP boxes in 2022

In the eyes of Thomas Follin, operational director of Salto, the French streaming service is a real success. For him, the only disappointment is that it is not yet available on the boxes of French operators. A gap that he intends to fill in 2022.

If you follow streaming service news, you might know that Salto had a rocky start to his career. In January 2022, Salto had still not reached the million subscriber mark, more than a year after its launch in October 2020. Yet that was its goal under the terms of the first year of operation. Users also complain the lack of new content on Saltowhich currently represent only 1.7% of the catalog.

Faced with these disappointing figures, France Télévisions announced in December 2021 that it was considering selling its shares in the streaming service. Despite everything and according to statements by Thomas Follin, operational director of Salto, the platform is an excellent healthcontrary to what appearances suggest.

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Salto is doing very well according to its CEO

Believe it or not, Salto is the big surprise on the market, the one no one expected. We are in a booming, very competitive environment, dominated by multi-subscription. However, in our first year, we achieved a real breakthrough. We have managed to settle on the 3rd step of the podium in terms of growth in 2021. Today, three out of four French people know Salto”. he assures in an exclusive interview given to our colleagues from Digital.

To his eyes, the only disappointment is not yet offering Salto on the boxes of the various French operators. “This will be the challenge in 2022. Today, there is no reason for operators to deprive their customers of access to Salto, even though they have opened it up to all international platforms”. he says. He pursues : “We are present on almost all connected televisions with the exception of a few ranges and small manufacturers to which we are gradually arriving, on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and Bouygues Telecom boxes”.

For the CEO, the next step is therefore to bring Salto to the Free, SFR and Orange boxes as well as to the Playstation and Xbox game consoles. As a reminder, discussions were already underway with operators in March 2020. Some of them showed interest in integrating Salto on their devices, the first reason being that the platform did not impose a guaranteed minimum. In other words, ISPs had the assurance of receiving their commission without fear of penalties if Salto’s revenue is too low. But ultimately, these negotiations only succeeded with Bouygues Telecom.

Source: The Digital

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