Salto wins French exclusivity for the Return to Hogwarts show event

Salto wins French exclusivity for the Return to Hogwarts show event

The first Harry Potter film turns 20 this month. For the occasion, HBO Max organized a meeting show with the whole cast. In France, this exceptional show will be broadcast on Salto and will be available from January 2.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in December 2001, exactly twenty years ago! To celebrate this event, Warner has decided to reunite the cast in a special event called Return to Hogwarts. The actors and the director Chris Colombus will evoke their memories there and will deliver filming secrets on the first part. A program reminiscent of the Friends reunion that took place earlier in the year.

This show is slated for release on the streaming platform HBO Max on 1er January 2022. In France, HBO Max does not exist, but fans rest assured, it will be possible to see the show. Salto has indeed recovered the exclusive rights.

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Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts will be available on Salto

The French platform won exclusivity and will air Back to Hogwarts on January 2, 24 hours after the broadcast in the United States. Salto has therefore achieved a big blow and hopes to attract thousands of new subscribers. What to give a boost to a service which is starting to have lead in the wing.

Even more, on January 2, the eight Harry Potter films will be available on the French platform. A small event, since they were no longer accessible in streaming (after going through Netflix for a few months). The fans will therefore be able to redo a marathon if they wish.

First a literary phenomenon at the end of the 1990s, Harry Potter license created by JK Rowling exploded with the arrival of the films, the first of which was released twenty years ago straight away. If the saga dedicated to the wizard with glasses is now over, Warner continues to exploit this universe through the films Fantastic Beasts. Moreover, the third installment entitled Dumbledore’s Secret will arrive in theaters in 2022.

And you, are you going to subscribe to Salto to watch the Harry Potter reunion? Tell us in the comments !

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