Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung drops the prices of its premium smartphone (-40%)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 all come with offers on the official website. Add all the benefits to bring down the price of your next phone, but you have to hurry. Samsung Week is an absolute success.

The Galaxy S21 are the latest high-end smartphones from the Korean brand. If they have convinced the general public, they are becoming more and more difficult to find at various resellers (due to the global shortage of semiconductors). They are also relatively expensive, which also limits their popularity.

Fortunately, the brand is creating the event by offering new stock on the range but also XL offers which all come together to dramatically lower the final price of each model. This Samsung Week is just extra before the holiday season. But beware, the offers are already ending tonight.

Some advantages to seize on these Galaxy S21:

  • 160 euros immediate discount
  • 5% refund
  • € 100 pick-up bonus
  • 5% in Samsung Rewards

To see the offers on the Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See the Samsung offer

For many weeks now, the world has experienced a severe shortage of semiconductors. As a result, production is declining and stocks are dwindling across all brands of smartphones (and well beyond). The Samsung Galaxy S21s are no exception, it becomes even more difficult to find these models. At the same time, these S21s have never been entitled to this level of discount since their release in January. Samsung Week on the official store is irresistible.

Crazy advantages over the Galaxy S21

As you have seen, the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are numerous on the official website. They can change a bit depending on the model you choose from this range of 3 smartphones. However, all of them benefit from discounts that allow you to make significant savings – as long as you don’t hang around because some models are already out of stock.

The first advantage on the Samsung Galaxy S21 is an immediate discount available exclusively on the official website. The amount varies according to the model but all benefit from a discount which takes effect as soon as the smartphone is added to your basket. If you hesitated between each version, this may allow you to take the more premium of this generation. Here is the details of the current discounts:

  • 60 euros on the Galaxy S21
  • 110 euros on the Galaxy S21 +
  • 160 euros on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

The official site does not stop there: it also offers a 5% refund following the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S21. To take advantage of it, you must send a document back to the brand after receiving the phone. This can be downloaded directly from the store, you don’t need a lot of time to return it after filling it. This is a second opportunity to save money.

Otherwise, Samsung is also doing very well with its trade-in bonus of 100 euros when ordering the Galaxy S21. You can return a phone regardless of the brand, the bonus amount is calculated on the condition and release date of your current smartphone (up to 360 euros refunded). To this trade-in amount, you immediately add 100 euros and the total is deducted from the final order. You return your device when you receive your new phone.

Finally, you accumulate 5% in Samsung Rewards points when you choose the Galaxy S21 on the Korean store, this amount is added directly to your official account on the site. From then on, you can use it for your next orders to save money on an accessory or another device. To take advantage of all these offers, you must take action now.

The Galaxy S21 conquered us

This recent range unveiled at the start of 2021 consists of 3 devices: Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. These models have similarities but also some differences which justify why the prices are not the same. All the phones are top of the range and they won us over in our various tests.

On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra are equipped with an OLED screen with a frequency of 120 Hz, which is the most exceptional technical criteria to date, which is not surprising from the brand, because it is the great specialist in the field. The sizes are 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches depending on the version, this is also an element to take into account in your choice. We also note the battery differences, they are respectively 4000 mAh, 4500 mAh and 5000 mAh, knowing that all benefit from fast, reverse and wireless charging.

On the power side, the Samsung Galaxy S21 are illustrated on the market thanks to the presence of the Exynos 2100 in-house processor. It is the most powerful chip in the world for Android smartphones to date, no competitor does as well as the manufacturer. , he is himself at the origin of the design of the device. In addition to running smartphones, it also manages the processing and optimization of photos and videos.

Regarding the photo, precisely, the Samsung Galaxy S21 are each equipped with a selfie camera and a quadruple photo sensor. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most premium model of this range, its main sensor is 108 Mpx. The brand stands out with this generation by further raising the quality of images – whether in a light or dark environment. It’s simple, these three models have it all and you are sure to find the one you need.

By ordering the Samsung Galaxy S21 on the brand’s official store, you are sure to receive your next smartphone within two to three working days after your order – excluding exclusive colors. In addition, the Asian manufacturer gives you a withdrawal period of 14 days after ordering. If you are not satisfied with the qualities of your new phone, simply return it free of charge to receive a full refund.

To take advantage of the offers on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See the Samsung offer

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