Samsung Galaxy A: water resistance for 2022

High-end smartphones are all water resistant, but entry and mid-range models, like Samsung’s Galaxy A’s, aren’t always the case. The manufacturer intends to make a change for the 2022 models.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Water Resistance

Water resistance will settle more at Samsung

There are actually two Galaxy A’s with water resistance, these are the Galaxy A52 and the Galaxy A72. Their resistance is IP67, which is more than correct when we know that the high-end models are IP68. But these are the only ones for now. This will change as of 2022.

According to The Elec, Samsung plans to offer water resistance on more Galaxy A’s starting next year. The manufacturer would make this choice to better compete with its Chinese competitors, including Xiaomi and Oppo. They are known to generally offer good value for money and they are increasingly entering the smartphone market. Xiaomi was even the top seller of phones during the summer, that’s to say.

Which models will be affected by water resistance? There would be the Galaxy A33 in particular. This would explain in passing why the rumors state the absence of the jack. There would also be the Galaxy A53, A53 5G and A73. Their presentation will take place in a few months.

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