Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Specs, Price, News

At one time, to listen to music, wired headphones were used. Now, there are many options available to users and one of these now includes wireless headphones. Credit: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Credit: Samsung

Almost all mobile phone brands have created a prototype. And this is also the case of the South Korean giant Samsung. The latest release is the “Samsung Galaxy Buds Live”. Focus!

Galaxy Buds Live spec sheet

Format Wireless headphones
noise reduction Yes
Autonomy 6 hours
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Voice Assistant Bixby
Weight 42.2g
Refill Via box
USB Type-C

Design of the Galaxy Buds Live

The design of Galaxy Buds Live differs from other headphones Samsung True Wireless. They are ergonomic and easily recognizable by their bean shape. At first glance, they give the impression of in-ear headphones. But they are not. To avoid any user errors, you must first place them in their shell : the direction in which they must be used is automatically highlighted.

The shape of the headphones allows easy installation. That said, those with small ears will have difficulty using them. No worries though, Samsung has thought of everything: a second pair of rubber eartips to suit any ear shape is included in the pack! They stay in the ears well, even with sudden head movements. You can therefore use them during your physical activities. They offer good comfort, as long as they are in place.

The Galaxy Buds Live are sold in three colors: mystik black, Black Onyx, Mystic Bronze and Mystik White. The Galaxy Buds Live contain 12 mm speakers providing perfect tones. Bass channel enhances sound, then, frequency and air vents reduce occlusion for optimal spacious sound.

Using Buds Live

As soon as the case is opened, pairing is done automatically with the user’s smartphone, regardless of whether it is android Where iOS. Thus, there is no need to access the Bluetooth settings of the latter. You can also use them with your computer.

Several touch controls are integrated into the Galaxy Buds Live. If you have a Samsung, the application galaxy wearable offers the management of certain settings: equalizer, battery percentage, active noise cancellation, etc. An explanatory guide is also included from the first use. The headphones work with different commands: just tap once or twice or do a long press to trigger an action. Add to this, the Bixby voice wake-up. As a reminder, Bixby is the system that allows you to have effective control of the phone without moving a single finger. Know today’s weather, turn up the volume… speak and Bixby performs. We must admit that it is not common to have these features on headphones True-Wireless.

Credits: Samsung
Credits: Samsung

The Galaxy Buds Live disconnect to connect to other devices when both earbuds are pressed at the same time. Also note that simultaneous sharing with two smartphones is not possible. On the other hand, you can connect two pairs of Buds Live on the same smartphone to better enjoy music with your loved ones.

Resonance and acoustics

The sound quality of Galaxy Buds Live is excellent. The sound is fluid, intense and the bass is catchy. The power of the headphones, however, depends on the preset equalizer found in the app. The choice is yours to have strong or weak bass, or clear, dynamic and normal sound. Note that the brand has limited user control of the headphones.

Here, it’s all about sound presets. The active noise reduction system (CNA) allows you to attenuate neighboring noises to have a full listening experience. Alas, despite activation of ANC, outside noises are still audible. Whether it’s the sounds of cars or people talking. If there was the possibility of fully inserting the headphones with a rubber tip, the system CNA would be 100% effective. You would then benefit from isolation from surrounding noise. During a phone call with the Galaxy Buds Livethe caller’s voice is somewhat metallic, but the sound is still clear.

Turning now to your voice, all of the microphones and the sensor attenuate outside noise. Your interlocutor then perceives you quite well.


The Galaxy Buds Live Easily last 21 hours with the charging case and 6 hours of free listening without it. However, these are theoretical data put forward by Samsung. After use, they effectively fill 6 hours of listening and more, depending on your media consumption and the number of calls. If you spend a lot of it, autonomy is limited to 4 hours of time. Of course, these numbers vary from person to person.

Credits: Samsung
Credits: Samsung

Recharging the earphones is done in one time lapse. In 5 min, they gain one hour of autonomy. This, thanks to the wireless charging system, which allows them to take maximum energy as soon as they are placed on the shell of a compatible smartphone.

Galaxy Buds Live prices and reviews

Available on the platform Amazonthe price of Galaxy Buds Live around 150 €, or even more. Discounts are possible depending on the season. The Galaxy Buds Live give a new image of True-Wireless. At first glance, the bean shape may surprise, but that does not prevent them from being more discreet than one could have imagined and pleasant to handle over a long period of time.

On the contrary, the active noise reduction is not unanimous. It is indeed not a complete success, but rather a slight attenuation. In closing, the Galaxy Buds Live are highly recommended. Samsung is trying to establish itself as a reference in this field and be sure, it is not at this first attempt that they will stop.

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