Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Specs, Price and News

Apart from cellphones, Samsung is also venturing into designing other tech accessories such as wireless headphones. It is in this context that the brand has launched the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones on the market since 2021. Credit: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Credits: Samsung Since their announcement, its headphones have advanced features and work with great capacity. We tell you more about the Samsung brand accessory.

The main features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Typology In-ear headphones
Active noise reduction Yes
5 a.m.
Charging via box Yes
Qi wireless charging compatible Yes
Samsung Bixby
Protection sign IPX7
Weight 12.6g

In-ear headphones

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are designed according to a format in-ear. This therefore allows the user to easily place them in their ears. Because of their suitable shape and size, they can cling to your ears and put you in perfect comfort. Their material of manufacture is fluid and smooth so that the user does not feel any pain or discomfort. In short: this is a marvel that the brand Samsung marketed for headphone lovers.

Headphone design

With their sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are both aesthetic and qualitative. For a year already, these headphones have been the subject of many admirations. With their thickness of 2.7 cm, they perfectly meet everyone’s needs and adapt to your preference. The finish is also done to make their reach easier and more dynamic. In addition, a stylish pocket is also designed to store them properly.

Samsung made the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro while again following the design it adopted for the Galaxy Buds Live.

Sound quality

Headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are designed with simple and effective functions to optimize the sound at the output. An automatic equalizer is integrated in both devices to make the voices clearer and regularize the sound system. For this purpose, you are not afraid of any hearing problem after using them.

Additionally, a system of sound reduction is available. The latter allows the user to reduce the sound whenever he wants. A sound adjustment button is then placed on the headphones for this circumstance. There is also the noise reduction option to switch to “environment” mode.

The autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

As soon as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones were put on the market, the brand announced a autonomy of 5 hours of time. This will therefore mean that they can be used for 5 hours after a full charge. Thus, Samsung remarkably changes your lifestyle by offering headphones capable of being used at full speed and at any time. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are rechargeable through their case. They are also compatible with QI wireless charging. We easily perceive all the quality and durability that this product highlights.

What about the operating system?

Credits - Samsung
Credits – Samsung

For the proper functioning of the headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds Proa high-quality operating system is integrated into it: the system Samsung Bixby. The latter is efficient and favorable for effective listening to sounds. Samsung Bixby support allows you to optimize the features of the headphones according to your preferences. But that’s not all ! These devices also have specific characteristics concerning their connectivity system.

Connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are all about connectivity Bluetooth. Its version of 5.0 supports AAC and SBC codecs. In addition, you also have the connection via USB available. Not having a Jack socket, these headphones are suitable for a USB type-C connector.

Colors and Appearance

These headphones produced by the brand Samsung are available in three colors. These include black, silver and purple color. As a result, users take the opportunity to choose the one that suits them. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are made of plastic. It is for this reason that they are likely to be resistant and durable over time.

Call functionality

Credits - Samsung
Credits – Samsung

With wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, you can easily take calls. They just need to be connected to your Android phone. As soon as the call comes in, you pick up using the headphones to chat properly with your interlocutor. Even during calls, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro give you optimal sound, crisp and clear. In addition, they have an enhancement system that arranges your voice so that the interlocutor can hear it clearly. Thus, communication becomes more ergonomic and fluid.

Availability and prices

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro were released on the market on January 14, 2021. It has been almost a year since the Samsung brand has continued to bluff users. However, it does not stop there, because many innovations are announced again. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones continue to be sold in the market and enjoy various appreciations.

For such high-performance and functional headphones, you need a budget of at least 99 euros. Other shops set the price at 110 euros. It then depends on the point of sale you are using. Furthermore, remember that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro do not cost more than 150 euros. They are available in almost all shops and stands selling technological accessories. Similarly, the advertised prices also include their case.

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