Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leaked, and it’s going to please Apple fans

We know a little more about the next high-end tablet from Samsung.

The Korean giant does not only have smartphones in its bag. In a new leak unveiled on Twitter by the – always very well informed – Evan blass, we can thus discover a promising overview of the brand’s next high-end tablets. Logically called Galaxy Tab S8, the new terminals will be divided into three variations, Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus and Tab S8 Ultra. In direct line with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, which had already made a strong impression on us at the time of their release, the Tab S8 will however benefit from a slight evolution, in particular by borrowing a characteristic borrowed from the products of the Apple brand: ‘notch.

While the Tab S8 and Tab S8 Plus will sport more imposing, but uniform borders, the very high-end version of the next tablet from Samsung Tab S8 Ultra will offer a slightly larger screen, as well as a notch intended to accommodate his double photo module.

Samsung laughs at Apple, but goes to the notch

By opting for a notch, Samsung operates a surprising turnaround. It must be said that after the officialization of the iPhone X, Apple’s first phone to adopt the notch, the Korean brand was not deprived to mock its competitor. Water seems since to have flowed under the bridges, and this choice is necessary as an ultimately logical decision on the part of the technological giant, which wanted refine its borders while offering a dual selfie camera, while the Tab S7 generation only displays one.

For the moment, no marketing date has been announced, or even anticipated for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. As for the S21 FE, it will probably be necessary to wait until the next leak. It also remains to be seen whether the manufacturer’s new high-end tablet will manage to take advantage of the Android OS 12L, designed for the most imposing screens.

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