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Samsung goes Black Friday, prices are falling 🔥

Samsung announces new offers on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 +. If you’re in the market for a new high-end tablet, grab this opportunity now. It’s worthy of Black Friday.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + are the latest high-end tablets from the Samsung brand, they were made official a few months ago. As a result, it was not expected that these models would be targeted by such benefits on the official site. Korean offers us a “Black Friday before the hour” and completely new prices.

In the end, you can save almost half the base price of whatever version you choose. If you are still hesitating, now is the time to act because the offers have never been so attractive. When you see the many disruptions due to the global semiconductor shortage, it pays to take advantage of them now.

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Be aware that the benefits that currently target the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + can be stacked, that’s how you’ll drop the price to the lowest when ordering your next premium tablet. Here is a first overview of the current offers on the official store. We will detail these below:

  • 100 euros recovery bonus
  • 10% refunded on tablets
  • A free Google Nest Audio speaker

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + are becoming more and more complicated to find, which should be the opposite since they have been available for a few months. Nevertheless, they have been out of stock for a long time and there is a chance that this will still be the case in the future. And for good reason, a processor shortage causes a sharp drop in stock at all cyber-merchants following the health crisis, which impacts several devices – including Samsung tablets. All the more reason not to wait to arrive before the break-ups.

Unprecedented advantages on these Galaxy Tab S7

As you can see, all the advantages that we quickly mentioned above can be combined. Moreover, they must be cumulative so that the prices of Galaxy Tab S7 are lower on the official site. This is how you’ll get your hands on the brand’s premium tablets while saving money before Christmas. Here’s what its about.

The first advantage is clearly appreciable, it is about a bonus taken back of 100 euros when buying the Galaxy Tab S7. It even accumulates with the initial amount of the trade-in of your current device. You can choose to return a smartphone or a tablet, several brands are accepted. You can perform the simulation directly on the Korean site, knowing that the final sum can quickly climb – especially with the 100 euros bonus. In the end, the total is deducted from the order when you order the tablet and then return the device concerned thereafter.

See Samsung offers

Secondly, Samsung will reimburse you for 10% of the price of the Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7 +. This is an offer that comes into account after the purchase and delivery of the touch pad. To be eligible, you simply have to complete the dedicated document in order to make the request, this is a second advantage that further lowers the price of the device.

Finally, Samsung gives you a Google Nest Audio speaker, which is free when you pick up the Galaxy Tab S7 from the official Samsung website. This is a reimbursement offer (ODR), you must also provide a document in order to order the famous speaker. You have plenty of time to resell the item if it does not suit you. By combining all these advantages, you are sure to save on the tablet of your choice, knowing that both models are premium, we will detail it below.

The Tab S7 and S7 +, references

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + are very premium tablets, they can directly compete with Apple iPad Pro. Apart from the advantages, it is worth taking a closer look at the technical characteristics of these models in order to help you make the best choice. First, know that each model is available in 4G, 5G or WiFi version, this is a first parameter that can vary the general price of the device.

In terms of specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + are entitled to a screen with a size of 11 inches and 12.4 inches respectively. In both cases, the refresh rate of 120 Hz, proof that we have to do with premium models. We also appreciate the lightness of the two tablets as well as their daily handling, their weight remaining at 498 grams is 575 grams. If these models are thin and very airy, they do not skimp on performance, quite the contrary.

Otherwise, the Galaxy Tab S7 is illustrated with batteries of 8,000 mAh and 10,909 mAh compatible with fast charging. It’s simple, it’s clearly in the upper middle range of competing models available in this same high-end niche. Even if it is a touchscreen tablet, the brand has not forgotten the photo part: a sensor on the front and a triple photo module on the back with a main sensor of 108 Mpx.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 are equipped with a Snapdragon 865+ processor from the American Qualcomm. It’s simple, it’s one of the manufacturer’s newest chips, giving you premium power – whether gaming, working, browsing, or watching content online. Note that the model compatible with 5G ensures that you benefit from the new ultra-fast network – it is being deployed throughout France.

In the end, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 have all the arguments to convince a public in search of a premium tablet whose uses are mixed and varied. With the current offers, you are guaranteed to save money on the model of your choice. On the other hand, remember to do it as soon as possible to arrive before the end of these offers.

To take advantage of the offers on the Galaxy Tab S7, it’s here:

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