Samsung is considering a smartphone with a dual screen

The future belongs to folding devices according to Samsung, but dual-screen smartphones have not had their last word. The manufacturer has imagined a surprising model equipped with a second “invisible” screen.

At Samsung, we are convinced that the future of the smartphone goes through folding devices. On the sidelines of the announcement of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, the South Korean company has expressed its ambition to see this range prevail. Around 2025, the Galaxy Z series would even sell better than the iconic Galaxy S range. A situation that does not prevent the market giant from thinking of devices other than folding ones. Earlier this year, Samsung filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization showcasing a mysterious dual-screen phone.

A “transparent” screen would take place on the back of the smartphone, in addition to the main slab located at the front. The other curiosity would be the ability of this screen to disappear from the decor when not in use. Spotted by SamMobile, the patent indeed suggests that this second screen is not visible and can be one, or almost, with the shell of the device. This second display area would also have an Always-on function (always on) to display certain information. This screen would cover about 60% of the surface on the back of the device.

Can the double-sided screen prevail?

The various images shared by the builder suggest the ability to display a Samsung logo with this slab; as if to better resemble a classic smartphone. Once turned on, it would be possible to display various information or use the screen to capture selfies. The possibilities seem numerous for a device that Samsung describes in the following way.

“A housing comprising a first surface and a second surface oriented in a direction opposite to the first surface; a first display device which is disposed on the first surface and outputs a screen in a first direction; and a second display device which is disposed on the second surface and outputs a screen in a second direction.. And to add that this second screen could “be at least partially transparent so as to visually expose at least part of an internal area of ​​the second surface”.

If the explanations use a language specific to patents, they provide information on the vision of the South Korean manufacturer. Some may remember that Nubia once exploited the idea of ​​a dual-screen phone. Long linked to the Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE, the brand presented an intriguing Nubia X in 2018 before trying its luck again two years later with the Z20. Unlike Nubia, Samsung would use completely transparent protection.

The dual-screen smartphone, Samsung is thinking about it

In another register, the Russian brand Yota also offered a device with a classic screen and a second e-ink screen on the back. We can also note that the Z Fold 4 also has a second screen.

For now, there is no indication that Samsung will really launch a Galaxy with transparent screen. This type of device still raises questions about his fragility or his autonomy. In return, it offers the possibility of do without a notch or a punch on the main screen. All the photo part would then be managed by the photo block located on the side of the second screen.

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