Samsung is doing a giga promo, this offer is unique (-60%)

Looking to get your hands on a great Samsung Galaxy S21 before the holiday season? Clearly, the Korean has just unveiled its best offer on these products. With low stocks and the global shortage, the few units available can quickly disappear.

While stocks are low due to the global semiconductor shortage, Samsung is unexpectedly offering generous discounts. Since October 25 and for a few days you can get the best discount ever for a Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra. It suffices to combine the advantages, most of which are “financial” to halve the price.

For example, for a Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will have:

  • 160 euros immediate discount
  • 5% refund
  • € 100 trade-in bonus
  • 5% in Samsung Rewards

In the end, all these advantages make it possible to save several hundred euros on the entire range of Samsung Galaxy S21. For this new Samsung Week which begins, it will be necessary to be fast: stocks are low and several models are already out of stock. This is for example the case of the purple color for the classic Galaxy S21.

I take advantage of the offer

If you have an old smartphone to return, that’s the icing on the cake. Not only will you get 100 euros in discount on all new Galaxy S21s, but you will also get the trade-in amount. Depending on the model of phone you are going to return, you can receive up to 360 euros. In the end, that’s as much as you can subtract from the cost of your new smartphone.

Samsung Store Benefits List

By selling its smartphones directly through its official website, Samsung has an advantage over traditional resellers. It is for this reason that you are going to find the best discounts out there. For the Galaxy S21, however, the store is largely taken by storm and stocks are meager. It is very likely that there is nothing left on Black Friday.

This Samsung Week has been on the calendar for a long time. Discounts were therefore to be expected and Korean cannot change the date. This is why you can find these discounts so generous. To come to the latter, you will first be able to obtain a discount on each of the three models in the range.

In detail, you will have 60 euros immediate discount on the classic Galaxy S21, 110 euros on the S21 + and 160 euros on the S21 Ultra. On the latter, this drops the price from 1259 euros to only 1099 euros. And that’s not all, since you still have a lot of savings to do on top of that. The second lever is the 5% of the amount that will be refunded to you.

Indeed, for Samsung Week, the manufacturer is offering a 5% refund on all Galaxy S21s. The amount will therefore change depending on the model you choose. On the most expensive model, this can therefore amount to more than 60 euros in reimbursement. In other words, the S21 Ultra version therefore converges towards the threshold of 1,000 euros each.

I discover the Galaxy S21

In addition to these 5% which are refunded, you will also receive 5% in the form of loyalty points. These Samsung Rewards are points that you can use on the official store to then buy accessories. In other words, you will be able to directly equip yourself with chargers, cables, protection and other headphones available on the official store of Samsung.

As we also said above, you have the trade-in bonus of 100 euros which is added to the amount of the trade-in of your old smartphone. By adding up all this, you will be able to acquire a Galaxy S21 Ultra for less than 600 euros. For the classic Galaxy S21, the price can fall under 300 euros. Clearly, given their quality, you’ve got some nuggets.

An exceptional Samsung Week

Samsung is the world’s biggest seller of smartphones and it stands out across all product lines. The Galaxy S21 are the most upscale for the general public. If its new folding versions (Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3) are talked about a lot, they remain less popular than the S21. These are the great showcase of Korean technology.

These are the same devices that are the direct competitors of the latest iPhones. They come with exceptional AMOLED screens (Samsung is also the official supplier of iPhone screens…), they have an ultra-powerful chip and a triple (or quadruple) photo sensor to make the competition pale. From a value for money standpoint, if you take advantage of Samsung Week, you won’t find better.

We warned you, the stock is very limited. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 in purple is already no longer available. The same goes for the gray version of the S21 Ultra. Also note that on the official store, you can enjoy exclusive colors. For example, the S21 + is available in Phantom Gold or Phantom RED. However, they take a little longer to ship.

By purchasing your product from the Samsung Store, you also have a right of withdrawal. Once the Galaxy S21 is delivered to you, the merchant allows you to test it for 14 days. Obviously, the Korean manufacturer’s warranty goes much further since it lasts 2 years. This will allow you to be reassured about the quality of the material.

To see the offers on the S21, it’s here:

I discover the Galaxy S21

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