Samsung écrans pliants et coulissants

Samsung unveils the folding and sliding screens of tomorrow

Samsung is investing heavily in folding screens and does not intend to limit itself to smartphones. Its Display branch takes stock of the flexible panels of tomorrow.

Samsung is one of the precursors of folding smartphones, whether with its Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip models. The South Korean firm does not skimp on efforts and invests considerably in this area. The ideas abound on the side of the Samsung Display division which has just presented the projects on which it is working for the future. Unsurprisingly, the branch dedicated to screens is interested in devices capable of extending their display surface with different materials. At Samsung, we believe that the screen can fold in several times with an accordion effect; slide in or out as required. Nor should we limit ourselves to smartphones alone, as we can see in this video.

For every screen we use every day, Samsung is looking for solutions. Display Week 2022 was an opportunity for the firm to return to the subject, after a first presentation at CES 2022. Indeed, some projects were already shown at the start of the year in Las Vegas. This is particularly the case of Flex S which offers an OLED panel that can be folded into three parts. Suitable for tablets, it offers a large screen and the fact of folding in three allows you to enjoy a stand.

Folding or sliding, there is something for every use

Samsung is also working on vertically or horizontally sliding screens, to enlarge the display area of ​​a smartphone. Certain applications or multimedia content can take advantage of this organization.

Samsung folding and sliding screens
A smartphone with a horizontal sliding screen. © Screenshot/Samsung

Already seen in the aisles of CES 2022, the Flex G remains relevant and is halfway between the tablet and the laptop. It is based on a three-section folding structure to go from an easily transportable device to a compact work solution. Among the novelties, we note the existence of a 12.4-inch “sliding” screen when fully unfolded. When folded, the screen measures just 8.1 inches.

The Samsung Display presentation video is also an opportunity for the firm to review its different technologies, starting with Halo Free. This certification ensures image quality without blurring of light, as can be seen on LCD panels.

Samsung folding and sliding screens
The Flex G. © Screenshot/Samsung

The brand, which has just launched a QD-OLED television, also evokes deep blacks (True Black); or Eye Care certification with dark mode. For players, there is also a Flicker Free technology to limit the perception of flickering phenomena; as well as to improve visibility in direct sunlight. Some of these improvements are already available, this is particularly the case of the QD-OLED panel which is being used in 55 and 65 inch televisions; as well as in a 34 inch monitor.

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