Samsung will put NFTs in its connected televisions

CES is the perfect opportunity to make unexpected announcements. In this game, Samsung is for the moment the winner of this 2022 edition.

NFTs are the new attraction at the end of 2021, and at the start of 2022, these non-fungible tokens are still talking about them as much. While they had been named “word of the year” by the famous Anglo-Saxon “Collins” dictionary, NFTs are now beginning to creep in almost everywhere.

If the world of video games opens the doors to them with varying degrees of success, these tokens will also find their place in other universes. They, who came out of the shadows with the art world, are now everywhere, even where we least expect them. Indeed, on the occasion of CES, which is still a major point of innovation in the world of new technologies, it is the tech giant Samsung which has decided to highlight the NFTs, in a more that surprising.

NFT and Samsung: the perfect marriage?

Indeed, the Korean new technology giant, known in particular in the world for its smartphones, took advantage of the first day of the Las Vegas show to make numerous announcements around its screens and televisions. Among all these announcements, the brand has decided to link the emerging world of NFTs to its smart-TVs.

To everyone’s surprise, Samsung has indeed announced that its new televisions will include built-in support for browsing, buying and presenting NFT around the art world. The firm explains that it is neither more nor less than “the first NFT explorer and market aggregator on television screens in the world”.

The collaboration that nobody expected is here

The latter should allow potential buyers to view the NFT on their television screen, without however purchasing it. Samsung also explains that all digital tokens present on the platform will be accompanied by a small description sheet to learn more about their history. Who created it? When ? …

Samsung explains that the world of NFTs should be introduced even more into the brand’s televisions. If for the moment, many gray areas still exist regarding this future platform, the Korean firm has assured that it will give more information in the coming weeks, while the products will be shipped and delivered to the first customers.

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