Scientists have developed a synthetic tooth enamel that is stronger than real teeth

In the world of dentistry, being able to create a material with the same properties as tooth enamel has always been an important goal. Today, we can say that this objective has been achieved. Scientists have just announced that they have succeeded in creating a synthetic enamel that would be more resistant than natural enamel.

According to the article describing the study and which was published in the journal Sciencethe team of international researchers developed the synthetic enamel so that it could surpass real teeth in terms of performance.

This is a discovery that could revolutionize dental care. Such a material is indeed the best way to repair deteriorated teeth.

replicate nature

According to a press release from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, researchers were able to develop synthetic enamel by replicating the interconnecting nanoscale calcium wires found in natural teeth. They succeeded in creating a nanocomposite system that effectively mimics the hardness of natural tooth enamel while retaining its viscoelasticity.

After obtaining the system, the scientists tested it by applying it to the surface of objects of various shapes including human teeth. According to what can be read in the article, the results of these tests showed that the new product “exhibited high stiffness, hardness, strength, viscoelasticity and toughness, exceeding the properties of enamel and enamel-inspired materials made in the past”.

The next step

It will take time for the newly created artificial enamel to end up in the neighborhood dentist’s office. However, that is the goal of the team that developed it. From what we know, the next step will be to test if the synthetic enamel can survive in the mouth for an extended period of time.

What’s most interesting about the new material is that it can be used on other objects besides teeth. The synthetic enamel can for example be used to cover broken bones or even pacemakers.

Let’s wait and see how the next tests that the new material will undergo will unfold. If all goes well, this will be a significant advancement in dental care.

SOURCE: Futuristic

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