Scientists have observed tornadoes in the quantum world

Knowing exactly what is happening at the microscopic level and how the laws of physics are governed there is the essence of quantum physics. This science studies a world where particles are almost Always moving. Thanks to physicists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who were able to make a new sighting, one of the secrets of this unknown world is finally unveiled.

Indeed, the latter observed at the quantum scale “tornadoes” which have so far been studied only in classical physics. This observation was made possible by the manipulation of a fluid of atoms very cold sodium. In reality, these chemical components are the seat of the unpublished study.

This new research comes strengthen the bond between classical and quantum mechanics by showing the existence of classical physical properties in the quantum domain. It also made it possible to learn more about the quantum world.

How was this phenomenon observed?

Scientists have done cool the particles at a temperature as close to absolute zero as possible while eliminating any interference in order to see what is happening. Of course, they had to capture the atoms.

For the MIT team, the choice fell on a cloud of about 1 million sodium atoms carefully trapped using lasers and electromagnets. From previous knowledge in classical physics, this method was shown to rotate the cloud of atoms.

But this time, going further, physicists were able to observe what is really happening in the quantum world. Thus they were able to observe the famous “tornadoes” quantum.

What work led to this observation?

In order to maintain the best study conditions, the team did not have an easy task. Already, it took keep the system as isolated as possible from other external forces. In this way, the only forces acting on the particles are internal forces. This allowed the observations and results from the experiment to be more precise.

In addition, the team made the atoms behave like electrons under the action of a magnetic field. In this way, phenomena at the microscopic scale are much more manipulable and observable.

Thus, under the combined efforts of various teams of scientists specializing in physics, man has been able to push back his frontiers with regard to his knowledge of the quantum world.


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