Screen adaptations of Double Fine games? Tim Schafer Says No Thanks

At a time when it is almost difficult to take into account all the adaptations of video games on the screen that have abounded in recent years, there is indeed a small studio that is still resisting. Tim Schaferpresident of the studio Double Fine Gamesthus expressed himself for the site IGN on—or rather, his lack—of ambition as to possible adaptations of the catalog of games of his team on the screen… And the least that we can say, c is that the American game designer does not cut corners.

Double Fine will stick to video games

Among other things, we could mention the franchise Psychonauts : with its cartoonish look and its quality writing, the duology of platform games seems however very well placed to be adapted to the small or the big screen. But for Schafer, the games are cooler than movies or TV shows, so [Psychonauts] has already reached its maximum potential“. The American creative thus reiterates his allegiance to the interactive medium, explaining that although there is no lack of proposals, they are generally projects with no future:

We are often approached by people saying “Hey, can we make this into a film? but, you know, it’s often just distracting. I think what really matters to me are the games, that’s what I like to do and what I find interesting. It happens from time to time, but nothing concrete afterwards. I’ve had a lot of eye candy thanks to Hollywood.

However, there was a time when the hypothesis of an adaptation of a Schafer game seemed to be on the way to seeing the light of day. During the last month, we learned that Duncan Jones, director of the film Warcrafthad written an entire screenplay for a possible film adaptation of Full Throttleone of the point’n’click cult of Schafer in the great LucasArt era of the 90s. The director even asked fans to challenge Disney + to see the project come to fruition… But for the moment, no news has been given about the project, which does not not surprised Schaffer: [Le script de Duncan] was interesting. It would be fun to work with Duncan but, you know, LA and Hollywood, it’s just a big lunch deluge.

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