Season 2 reveals itself in a high-profile trailer

Season 2 reveals itself in a high-profile trailer

The hottest monster hunter of the moment returns to burst the screen in an explosive trailer for season 2 of The Witcher.

Fans of the Witcher, here’s something to brighten up your day! Geralt de Riv returns in a trailer for season 2 of The Witcher.

This trailer gives us a little insight into the narrative arcs of the different characters in Andrzej Sapkowski’s cult series; we see alternately Geralt, Ciri and Yennifer, but also a host of new faces. We obviously imagine that they will all play a role in the unfolding of the plot.

In opening, we are immediately entitled to a superb plan. Geralt, standing in the water, watches what looks very much like a dragon emerge from the forest. A little later, he is also seen facing another monster in the middle of a graveyard. We are also entitled to a longer and very intense fight streak; the opportunity to appreciate the twirling choreography, and the ease of a Henry Cavill who undoubtedly masters his subject. The promise of Dantesque battles, in the purest tradition of the Witcher!

Ciri, the young woman camped by Freya Allan, has traded in her royal attire for a commoner outfit. These short scenes give very few clues, but we see a person hand him a wooden sword; should this be seen as a training sequence for Kaer Morhen with his mentor? Anya Chalotra, in her role of Yennifer, takes a much more anecdotal place in this trailer. It is therefore very difficult to derive anything concrete from it.

Anyway, between the sublime light, the stunning visual effects and the acting that still promises to be so convincing, it is an understatement to say if these two minutes and forty-nine seconds have put us in the water. the mouth. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until December 17 to find out if season 2 will be as good as the first.

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