season 5 will solve one of the biggest mysteries of the series

The creators of Stranger Things continue to reveal a bit more about Season 5, this time teasing one of the most anticipated answers fans have been waiting for. At the end of the season, we learn that the Upside Down is stuck in time, when Will is held captive there, in season 1. Future episodes will reveal why.

stranger things s4 Ep 7

“We really wanted to give the public a lot of important answers”, explains Ross Duffer about the Upside Down. It is clear that the end of season 4 of Stranger Things tells us a lot about the parallel world. Attention, as usual, spoilers straight ahead. In the last episode, therefore, we learn that Vecna ​​is behind everything that happened to Hawkins since the beginning of the series, but especially that the Upside Down was not yet the desolate land that we are today, when he arrived.

This is a shocking revelation, which puts into perspective the role of Vecna ​​and, by extension, that of Eleven. But, as Ross Duffer points out, “a few question marks still remain”. Indeed, episode 7 makes us another major revelation for the history of the series. While Nancy and her friends are also stuck in the Upside Down, the budding journalist stumbles across her diary. However, the last entry of this one is dated November 6, 1983, that is… three years ago.

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Season 5 of Stranger Things will bring a lot of answers

This date is not due to chance. Indeed, this is the day when Will got stuck in the Upside Down for the first time, in the first season. It would therefore seem that time has stopped at this moment for the parallel world, without anyone knowing why at this stage of the story. However, “This is a major event in the plot,” admits Ross Duffer.

Fortunately “This key question will animate our final season as we wrap up the story and give the rest of the answers.” So be patient, the answers are coming. According to the first rumours, season 5 could land on Netflix from the year 2024. A last burst of episodes which is already announced epic : “We hinted at it a bit in season two, but we want a full behind-the-scenes invasion, and you can’t go back. »

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