SEGA announces the Astro City Mini V, a mini-arcade terminal with vertical screen

After the release last year of the Astro City Mini, a miniature version of the cult arcade machine, SEGA repeat the experiment — but in TATE version this time.

The Japanese publisher has just announced the release next year of theAstro City Mini V, a new version of the small kiosk. It is equipped with a screen rotated 90 degrees on its vertical axis and a catalog of the best shoot’em’up games from the golden age of Japanese arcade.

The shoot in the spotlight

Unlike the Astro City Mini, this V version will ignore any historical concerns about the legacy of the original arcade machine. If the Astro City Mini V game library includes games from the SEGA catalog such as Action Fighter, the majority of titles come from third-party publishers well known to shoot’em’up enthusiasts. Rather than revisiting SEGA’s arcade past, this new mini console celebrates the shoot’em’up genre in all its forms, and there’s something for everyone.

22 games on the program

We thus find many titles taken from the catalog of Toaplan and Psikyo, true references of the genre of arcade shoot.. Gunbird, Strikers 1945, Sonic Wings, Kingdom Grand Prix… The noble genre is very well represented in this small best-of of the Japanese smoking arcades of the 80s and 90s. Without further ado, here is the list of games included in the Astro City Mini V:

  • Action fighter
  • Armed Police Batrider
  • Batsugun
  • Battle Bakraid Unlimited Version
  • Cosmo Police Galivan
  • Desert breaker
  • Dogyuun!
  • Flying shark
  • Gunbird
  • Kingdom Grand Prix
  • Moon cresta
  • Out Zone
  • Raiden
  • Samurai aces
  • Sonic wings
  • Strikers 1945
  • Tatsujin
  • Terra Cresta
  • Truxton II
  • VV
  • Wrestle War
  • Zaxxon

For the moment, the release of the Astro City Mini V is only scheduled for Japanese territory during the summer of 2022. The mini-kiosk is also only available on SEGA Toys, the official website for derivative products. from the Japanese publisher. Priced at ¥ 19,580 (around € 150), the beast is certainly not cheap. Right now, it’s only recommended for shoot’em’up addicts — while waiting, who knows, for a European version.

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