SEGA finally explains its intentions

SEGA unveils a new explanatory trailer for Sonic Frontiers, which makes us regret the way the studio has communicated so far.

Definitely, Sonic is a regular at tumultuous outings. But with Sonic Frontiers approaching, we say to ourselves that it may well be SEGA’s fault if the little blue hedgehog is having so much trouble finding its place. The open-world game Breath of the Wild will be playable on consoles and PC by thenNovember 8and it has just dig up a new trailer very enlightening on the title, but also on the methods of communication of SEGA.

In this new trailer we discover some of the many landscapes that we will be able to cross at full speed, some of the enemies that we will have to fight, and we even learn more about the history of the universe, which tells us had already been presented in this previous trailer. We also learn more about the format of the game, which is intended to be open, but not completely.

The game’s creator had already explained that it’s all about open areas, more than a single large open world, and that’s the main draw of the game. Of course, Sonic is nothing without his circuits and its ramps, so you will find a panoply of them in the game, which now manages to reassure fans of the franchise. And yet, it was not won in advance.

A dubious strategy

If we redo the chronology of events, we realize that SEGA took this whole story upside down. After a first brief and unimportant teaser, we were treated to a first trailer last June… which had the gift of worrying the whole web. The universe appeared extremely empty, the graphics didn’t look crazy and the whole thing was sorely lacking in dynamism.

But a few days ago, during the Gamescom opening ceremony, SEGA caught up with a new trailer finally showing the true potential of the game, potential that is revealed all the more through this third explanatory trailer. . Why didn’t you start there? We suspect that the studio had started with the idea of ​​making the suspense last as long as possible and creating enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this technique has scared away more than one, and Sonic Frontiers is now expected at the turn. Will the opus succeed in revolutionizing the entire franchise? Answer this November 8, 2022.

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