SEGA promises new “remakes” and remasters

SEGA promises new “remakes” and remasters

If you were worried that the catalog of SEGA does not disappear as if by magic, the publisher promises to exhume a certain number of its titles to dust them off in a more or less supported way. From “remakes” and remasterings are thus part of the software offer that SEGA intends to offer in a definite future.

It will not have escaped you that the period is the publication of financial results, and SEGA will not be excluded here. The publisher, via its parent company SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS, also had very good news to announce for its last fiscal year. Sales of games, both on consoles and PC, were thus at the rendezvous.

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In addition, the results recorded in 2021-2022 proved to be higher than those of the previous year. Even better, SEGA is planning an even better fiscal year ahead. Does the four-letter brand have in anticipation the launch of one or more titles with certain commercial potential?

4 million “remakes”, remasters or “spin-offs” sold at SEGA in 2021-2022

Regarding its forecasts for the next fiscal year, SEGA says it is counting on a “significant increase in titles” as well as ongoing income from a “large number of new titles”. And in these games, are included “remakes”, remasterings, “spin-offs” or even “theme changes” (?).

Approximately four million copies of titles in these categories were sold between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022, including Sonic Colors Ultimate, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania and Lost Judgment. For the next fiscal year, SEGA expects a figure above one million. An exercise where the compilation should come out Sonic Origins.

More generally, the publisher recorded 6 million sales for seven titles launched simultaneously on several platforms. And to predict 13 million sales, more than double, for the new fiscal year. New versions of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio are unlikely to be ready to launch during this time, making SEGA’s predictions even murkier. And it’s not possible ports of Segagaga and of Rent a Hero No. 1or even a hypothetical Western launch of the Game Gear Micro, which would make them more understandable.

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