The best movies and comedy series on Netflix

Even if it has largely established itself in the horror sector, Netflix also offers itself many comic nuggets, to see and re-watch without moderation.

Laughing is good for your health, as Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann claimed in a meme that has become cult on the Internet. With the year 2020 that we have just passed, we would have well need a little humor. If you are not particularly fond of Christmas movies that smell of cinnamon tea and sugar cookies, we suggest you opt instead for our selection of films and comedy series to discover or watch again without moderation.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Released in 2015
Created by David Wain and Michael Showalter

Almost 15 years after the college movie came out Wet Hot American Summer, the absurd parody returns in 2015 as an equally wacky prequel series, in which the original cast – then in their forties, play a group of barely puberty teenagers on the first day of camp vacation that will change their lives forever. Stuffed with silly details, heavy jokes and very dubious humor, the original Netflix series is a real success, to the point that the platform put the cover back in 2017, with a new sequel miniseries called Ten Years Later.

The It Crowd

Released in 2006 (5 seasons)
Created by Graham Linehan

Within Reynolds Industries, the IT department consists of a trio of colorful broken arms: Roy and Moss, two asocial geeks, who spend their days asking colleagues if they’ve plugged in their computers, and Jen their boss, convinced that you can break the Internet with the push of a button. As long as you like (or manage to get past) the pre-recorded laughs that occur with each gag, The It Crowd is a vintage and british humor nugget, to have seen at least once in his life.

The Good Place

Released in 2016
Created by Michael Schur

True concentrated good mood shoot, The Good Place this is the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, a young woman far from exceptional, who on her death finds herself at the Bon Endroit, a kind of idyllic paradise filled with charming people and frozen yogurts, where only people are invited altruistic and pure. Quickly realizing that she is out of place, Eleanor will eventually be faced with many twists and turns, which will take her to understand. the real reasons for his accidental presence in paradise. Without spoiling you, the series (which is now over) is full of twists and turns, and offers itself a humor that is both benevolent and completely silly, that we had not found since Brooklyn nine-nine.

The Infernal Montparnasse Tower

Released in 2001
Created by Charles Nemes

With a cult replica per second, we will not present you The Infernal Montparnasse Tower, nor the cult duo formed by Eric and Ramzy. Completely silly, wacky and quirky, the film stands out as one of the best parodies of its generation, despite its almost two decades on the clock. A good excuse to escape endless family meals (it’s a little more important than a dinner after all, isn’t it?), While revising your classics.

Rick & morty

Released in 2013
Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

Do we really need to present the awesome Rick & Morty series? While the second part of season 4 has just been released on Netflix, we can only advise you to see and review this masterpiece of adult animation. Already because it’s hilarious, and every joke always hits the mark. Then because behind the bold humor and the valves, the subject is often much deeper than it seems. Well, because it’s literally stuffed with pop culture references, that the authors take a malicious pleasure in parodying and dirtying all the time.

Brooklyn nine-nine

Released in 2013 (7 seasons)
Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur

In the police station of the 99th, there is Terry, the head bodybuilder with the heart of marshmallow in front of his twin daughters. There are Hitchcock and Scully, two former detectives who have decided to take it easy for the rest of their careers. There is also Amy, the control freak, Gina, who is convinced that a career as a music hall star awaits her around the corner, Rosa, as cold as a prison door, and Charles, who lacks affection as much as it lacks self-confidence. And then there is Jake Peralta, a brilliant police officer, who dreams of stopping the bad guys like in Die Hard and to make Captain Raymond Holt his mentor and friend. Funny and absurd, the series is one of the best of its generation (and we weigh our words).

Dirk Gently, holistic detective

Released in 2016
Created by Max Lands

True serial UFO (at least at the time), Dirk Gently puts in the spotlight the namesake character imagined by Douglas Adams in his trilogy published between 1987 and 2002. A definitely successful adaptation, in which we follow the adventure of Dirk, a private detective with very specific methods, and Todd, his makeshift assistant. Embarked in spite of themselves in unusual investigations and all more eccentric than the others, the two heroes camped by Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood will finally learn to appreciate each other, and shed light on some very thorny mysteries.

Lego Batman: The Movie

Released in 2017
Directed by Chris McKay

Inspired by the cult character of The Great Lego Adventure, the biopic around the dark knight is a mixture of bad gags, wacky puns and quirky situations. The film’s plot highlights the complex relationship between Batman and his lifelong nemesis the Joker, both entangled in a bromance that our hero does not want to accept. A great time to spend with the family for all fans of the Lego universe and humor, who will happily rediscover the cameos of some of the greatest villains of pop culture.

We cannot quote everything, but we also advise you:

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