Self-driving Waymo cars mysteriously stuck in a dead end!

Self-driving cars are smarter than human drivers just because their drivers run on artificial intelligence! Proof of this has been made with Waymo, whose vehicles have gotten into the habit of piling up in a side street in San Francisco, for no apparent reason.

The story makes people smile, but it has profound technological implications. Residents of a cul-de-sac in the Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco have unwittingly got into the habit of counting the number of Waymo cars that run aground close to their homes. The vehicles run autonomously, but they still take on a human supervisor who must then take the wheel to get the car out of this mysterious trap.

It gets stuck in the street

Electric cars don’t make a lot of noise, but the frequency with which they land in this place has ended up exasperating many local residents who can no longer hear the “hum” of the engines at all hours of the day and of the day. the night. It happens that about fifty vehicles end up here, that is to say on average one every five minutes, complains a resident of the dead end.

The phenomenon is such that the Waymo cars line up in the small street only to stop once they reach the end of the deadlock, which requires human intervention to get back on the right track. In a statement, the subsidiary of Alphabet (Google) said it is constantly adjusting to changing traffic rules in San Francisco.

But technically, nothing explains why these vehicles find themselves so helpless in this impasse. The technology therefore still has some progress to make before it can completely do without the human hand, which is somewhere good news!

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