Serious accident stops all G7 taxis using Tesla

Serious accident stops all G7 taxis using Tesla

The Ile de France taxi company G7 has just shut down its 37 Tesla which it uses to supply its fleet.

Just under forty Tesla vehicles are in circulation as electric taxis in the streets of the capital. The latter, all equipped with Tesla cars, were forced to stop their services after a serious accident tainted the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Using more precisely Tesla Model 3, the company offers a taxi service quite close in fact to what already exists with Uber and other VTC companies.

But while the company was developing more and more in the capital, here it is that Saturday, December 11, around 9 p.m., a serious accident occurred. One of these Tesla was indeed the cause of a serious accident, causing many injuries. According to France Info, seven people were seriously affected by the accident, including three injured who still have their vital prognosis involved. In all, no less than 20 people were more or less affected near the pile-up.

A drama without explanation

The reason for this very heavy toll, a crazy car, which had become uncontrollable. According to the taxi driver employed by G7 “the accelerator got stuck”, then impossible to slow down the vehicle, the driver nevertheless tried to stop in street furniture, in order to limit the damage as much as possible, but nothing does not. A red light and a glass container later, the mad car ends up stopping its course in a passing van.

In the meantime it is said to have run over a pedestrian as well as a cyclist, and the shards of glass caused by the explosion of a container caused minor injuries to passers-by there. Since then, the drama has not really found an explanation. Because according to Tesla, there is no problem with the car. The technical and technological cause is therefore ruled out by the American firm, which has since refused “To any comment”. According to initial information from the investigation, the preferred track would be a clumsy driver who confused the accelerator and brake pedals.

Such mishaps can happen in Tesla, it wouldn’t be the first time. As far as the driver is concerned, the latter ensures that the brakes did not work, and that the accelerator pedal got “stuck”, which launched the electric car into a mad race. Some passers-by estimating its speed above 100 km / h.

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