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sexism complaint escalates

8 additional women file a complaint against Sony and PlayStation for a sexist work environment.

Activision Blizzard is far from the only video game company to face lawsuits. PlayStation has also been in trouble for many months following the complaint of several women accusing the firm of systemic sexist behavior. Today, 8 new women are in turn filing a complaint, for exactly the same reasons as previously mentioned.

Among them is Marie Harrington, a former manager within the group. She states that ” Sony men ranked female employees based on their “sexiness” and circulated “disgusting jokes and pictures of women”. She also described a case where an engineer asked her not to wear a skirt to work “because it distracted him”, and alleged that male engineers went to strip clubs over lunch and shared porn . »

But the facts do not stop there. Marie Harrington also describes an oppressive situation when the latter was breastfeeding following a pregnancy. She explains ” requesting a private nursing room after having twins in 2005. She was asked to use a “storage room with a broken lock that is directly in the entrance hall”. »

Will Sony still be able to close its eyes?

The testimonies of the 7 other women are of the same ilk. For some, the alleged facts date back several years, while Sony has done everything not to leak these alleged cases of sexism. But the time is over for denial as the complaint against the firm grows dangerously heavy.

As a reminder, it was in 2021 that the case came to light, when a class action accused Sony of several sexist actions, including ” wage disparity, unfair dismissals and other instances of gender discrimination “. At the time, Sony attempted to deny it, stating that the claim ” fails to identify a single policy, practice or procedure at [PlayStation] that would have been the basis of widespread intentional discrimination or that would have had a discriminatory impact on women. »

If for the moment none of the women concerned has reported cases of sexual assault as is the case for Activision Blizzard, Sony is not out of the woods. For the moment, we do not know when the hearings are scheduled to define the nature of the trial, if there is a trial.

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