Sextech is a promising market, but no one knows what it is

The sextech market may be more and more popular, but it is still struggling to make its mark with the general public.

According to a study conducted by Forbes magazine this year, the sextech market should weigh more than $122 billion by 2024. A rise in power which can be explained by several factors, ranging from the increase in demand during the pandemic and the successive confinements, to the expansion of the offer to meet a maximum of users. With exponential growth and increasing demand, it is difficult to continue to consider sextech as a niche market.

What is sextech?

In France, we are 40.8% to own at least one sex toy, reports a study conducted this summer by the dating application happn for the Journal du Geek. If men are generally more cautious on the subject (46.8% do not own any sex toys and do not intend to buy any), it is logically women who are the most targeted by the sextech market. Despite some new products that have arrived timidly on the market, such as the very effective Arcwave Voy (our test here), clitoral stimulators have largely taken over the shelves of love-shops, to the point that only 16.3% of users questioned say they do not want to invest in a sex toy.

So why does sextech remain so unknown to the general public? According to the survey conducted by happn for the Journal du Geek, nearly half of French men and women don’t know what sextech is. Enough to be bad students against India, where this percentage drops to only 24.7%.

However, sextech is now omnipresent in the adult toy market, which has long since abandoned the world of pornography to invest in new technologies. Without contact, Cruise Control, Smart Silence or Sensonic… the technical characteristics of sex toys no longer have anything to envy to those of our smartphones. The type of stimulation is also the most important criterion in choosing a sex toy, for 81% of respondents. Far behind, comes the price (8.4%) then the design (6.6%).

Whether connected sex toys, endowed with mimicry or equipped with patented technology, sextech today concerns almost all sex toys equipped with motors on the market. Although the market remains discreet, it has benefited for several years from the support of several economic and innovative players. Since 2018 in particular, the collective Sextech for Good brings together different French sextech players, ranging from innovative adult toys to sexual health monitoring apps. If it is still unknown to the general public, sextech therefore has a bright future ahead of it.

Survey carried out by the dating application happn in collaboration with the Journal du Geek during the summer of 2022. 1,937 respondents for France, including 21.9% between 18 and 24 years old, 33.7% between 25 and 34 years old, 24 % between 35 and 44 years old, and 20.5% over 45 years old.

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