sharing game captures just got easier with the app

Since the last update of the Xbox app, you can share your screenshots using a simple link to send to your friends. We explain how to capture and share your content easily.

A capture of Forza Horizon 5

A capture of Forza Horizon 5 // Source: FRANDROID – Xbox

Being proud of your last run, of a series of head shots, wanting to share a funny sequence (even a big bug) or simply a magnificent photo: interactions that have become commonplace on console nowadays and which are the pleasure shared players among themselves.

In this game, Microsoft was never the last to make it easy for you to capture photos or videos and then share them, whether with the community or online. It is extremely easy to retrieve your content to share it on the Xbox network or with your friends from your Xbox One or Xbox Series console as well as from the Xbox application which lists all your game clips in a dedicated space.

Sharing by everything and with everyone

Since the last update of the app, an additional option has been added to the level of sharing. Until then, you had the option of saving the content on your device or pressing the share button to send in a conversation, share in the Xbox stream if you had not done so earlier with a caption at the key, or send it to your social networks (Instagram, Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Facebook, etc.), your emails and any other storage service available via your smartphone.

From now on, you will be able to do it by creating a simple link to share. The option first appeared with the last update of the app.

How to share video clips and screenshots of my Xbox from the application?

  • Capture your video clip or your screen.
    • If you have a Xbox controller, press the Xbox logo button to open the menu, and then press the X button to take a screenshot. For a recording, select Capture options, then Save from now Where Capture what happened.
    The share button on the Xbox Series X and Series S controller

    The share button on the Xbox Series X and Series S controller // Source: Microsoft

    • If you have a xbox series controller, press the dedicated share button. A press will take a screenshot, a long press a video recording of what has just happened (depending on the duration – up to 3 minutes possibly – and the quality – 720p SDR, 1080p SDR, 4K SDR or HDR – which you will have set in the parameters Capture and share). To record a sequence immediately, press the Xbox logo button to access the guide and choose in the tab Start recording.
  • Make sure your Xbox app is up to date and launch it.
  • In the bottom menu, go to Library. This gives you access to all the content that you have saved on your Xbox. Choose the one you want to share.
  • You then have the option of Copy link, Save Where To delete. By choosing to copy a link, you can then share it as you see fit, in a document, in a chat, etc.
  • You can also click directly on the button To share to send it even more easily to your networks, by messaging to your friends or to save the content in a storage service.

Note that to share directly from your Xbox, simply go to the guide, then to Capture and share / Recent captures. You choose the capture and the destination. On Windows 10/11 PC, press Win + G key, then go to Captures. Choose capture or video, go to Open in File Explorer and share via the application of your choice.

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