she is well on her way to detecting the fever

The future Apple Watch Series 8 would carry a temperature sensor. It would allow the connected watch to alert its wearer in the event of a fever.

A new Apple Watch is due to see the light of day soon and the essential Mark Gurman returns with new information. In his latest Power On newsletter, the Bloomberg reporter claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 will indeed feature a body temperature sensor. This thermometer would extend the range of e-health functions of the watch. Already mentioned by the specialist, he would have successfully passed the internal tests of Cupertino.

The first returns mentioned the possibility of raising body temperature and improving fertility monitoring. Finally, the connected watch would simply alert the wearer in the event of a fever and would not provide an accurate measurement. A notification would alert the wearer to invite him to use a dedicated thermometer or to consult a health professional. The arrival of such a feature was mentioned as early as June 2021 for an arrival on the 2022 version. It would be available on the high-end variants, namely the Apple Watch Series 8 and the more “robust” model dedicated to athletes. On the other hand, the future Apple Watch SE would not be affected by the temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Series 8: a minor update?

Last April, we already reported the will of the brand to the apple to integrate a temperature sensor. Apple would also like to offer an improved experience via the watchOS 9 operating system. On the other hand, there would be no question of measuring blood sugar or offering a blood pressure monitor before 2024.

Mark Gurman confirms that the changes to the Series 8 “will probably be minors”. The future watch would offer the same S6 chip as the Series 6 and Series 7; with a better screen on the high-end versions.

These elements will have to be confirmed at the start of the school year by Tim Cook and his teams. The Apple Watch Series 8 should benefit from a presentation at the end of September, at the same time as the iPhone 14.

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