Should You Stop Updating Your iPhone?

Endless debate among Apple smartphone users, the answer to this question is probably not what you hope…

If you’ve ever owned an iPhone, you’ve probably had this conversation with other users. Is it wise to update your iPhone ? With the release of a new model every year, the general idea that an Apple-style smartphone easily becomes obsolete has quickly taken root in everyone’s mind. In no time, the blame fell on system updates. Indeed, these are often launched at the same time as a new model of smartphone and are adapted to the latest product.

Thereby, many think updating your iPhone is a one-way ticket to a slowed down device. But then, are these new versions of iOS really dangerous for smartphones? Regardless of whether you decide to update your device or not, a smartphone will lose efficiency over the years. Apps and games also update, and eventually your phone’s functionality will be slowed down no matter what. This is a component issue and not a software issue. Finally, by avoiding system updates, you run the risk of missing out on patches and other new features essential to keeping your iPhone running smoothly.

Features and security at the heart of the updates

By avoiding updates, there is more to lose than gain. This does not slow down (or only slightly) your phone, and brings its share of new features. While some are related to the comfort of the user experience, others are vital, particularly in terms of confidentiality. Few people are aware of these risks which are important to take into account.

Taking the example of iOS 16 which is preparing its arrival, this update will completely change the use of your phone’s locked screen. This kind of functionality is not mandatory for the proper functioning of your smartphone, but it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. Updates become more important when it comes to fixing bugs and other issues. This is their main function, and putting them aside can greatly affect your experience of your iPhone.

However, it is on the side of security that the greatest risks are incurred. One of Apple’s strengths is its ability to effectively patch security vulnerabilities. An update not carried out is the risk of exposure of your personal data. Since the implementation of iOS 15, the Apple firm has corrected no less than 170 security problems, including no less than 39 in the latest version, iOS 15.6. In conclusion, it is strongly advised to update your iPhone since letting it stagnate in an old version is much more risky on many levels.

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