Shueisha, the manga publishing house, opens a division dedicated to video games

Manga lovers recognize this name among all: Shueisha is the largest publishing house of the medium in Japan, famous internationally for its titles published in the magazine Shōnen Jump. Yet accustomed to delegating the adaptations of its most famous manga (One Piece, Dragon Ball) to Bandai Namco, the publishing house has just announced the opening of a new branch dedicated to video games: Shueisha Games.

Shueisha Games celebrates Japanese indies

However, this should not be seen as the end of its long-standing partnership with Bandai Namco. Shueisha Games will content itself, for its debut at least, with publishing small games from independent Japanese studios and developers discovered by its Shueisha Game Creators CAMP initiative.

Four games have already been announced for the coming months and year. The first, Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension, presents itself as a “tactical action game” featuring a young boy who has moved to Japan alongside his family, taking refuge in an imaginary world populated by manga characters. This is the only title to feature Shonen Jump licenses, all other titles being completely independent of the manga published by the publishing house. It is also the only title to have a release platform: Captain Velvet will land on Nintendo Switch next summer.

Another expected game for the 2022 summer season: The Tower: To the Bottoma cryptic survival rogelike with a tower sheltering children, the latter having the annoying habit of disappearing with each attempt to descend… In another genre, ONI is Kenei Design’s first creation. Announced in September 2021 for release in 2022, this 3D action game is getting a publisher with Shueisha Games, and will tell an alternative version of the Japanese folk myth of Momotaro. Finally, the last announced game is called Ukiyoand is described as “a Japanese-style cyberpunk adventure”. Its release is expected in early 2023, at the latest.

The Shueisha statement also states that “more ambitious projects” are also planned, as well as a smartphone game made in collaboration with a well-known author of Shonen Jump, and a competitive multiplayer game.

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