Sign language interpreters in Forza Horizon 5

Sign language interpreters in Forza Horizon 5

This is a first in an AAA game: Forza Horizon 5 offers the translation of cutscenes into sign language. A way of not leaving anyone on the side of the road.

The latest blockbuster from Xbox and Windows raises the level of accessibility in video games. The race simulation in fact integrates the translation into sign language during the cut scenes, these explanatory cinematics between two shots of the steering wheel. For now, the game will feature American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL).

A trend to follow for the video game industry

Concretely, performers appear on the screen in a thumbnail and they sign what is said in the sequence. ” We are constantly listening to the community to make Forza Horizon 5 an inclusive experience Says Mike Brown, Creative Director of Playground Games, the game’s developer studio.

Players who are deaf or have hearing problems have an additional option to live fully Forza Horizon 5, better understand the history and mechanisms of the title. Of course, the game is subtitled and that may be enough for many of these players, especially since the studio has gone all out with the possibility of adjusting the font size, the opacity of the background and a option to highlight keywords.

But sometimes the subtitles are difficult to follow. And then the movements and facial expressions of the performer can also help better understand the intention of the game. However, we will have to wait a while before seeing this option roll out even if Microsoft announces that it will be available soon. On the other hand, only the ASL and the BSL are envisaged, not the French sign language or other.

As for the game, it is already live for those who have purchased the Premium Edition, and it will be released on November 9 for all other players. This novelty, which complements an impressive set of accessibility features (according to Microsoft’s count, 400 million gamers worldwide have disabilities), sets a new standard in the video game industry. Hoping that other studios will follow example 07!

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