Signal allows you to change numbers and keep your conversations

The Signal messaging application announces that it becomes possible to change the phone number while keeping your account. This allows you to always have access to conversations already started.

Signal Change Number

Changing numbers becomes possible on Signal

Until now, the Signal account was linked to a phone number and it was not possible to change it. You had to create a new account for that. Now, an option is available in the application settings to switch while keeping the various data, including conversations.

In order to add a new number, you will still need to be able to receive messages from Signal to your old number. Next, go to the new “Change phone number” option in the Signal account settings, where you will be asked to enter the old and new number. Finally, Signal will walk you through the usual registration process to set up a phone number with an account.

Your contacts will be notified of the change. Signal will let them know you have a new number, and they can even select the “Update Contact” option to update your listing to the new number.

The new feature is available with Signal’s iOS and Android app. Make sure you have the latest update. It is to be retrieved from the App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android.

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