Silent Hill “remake” should be redesigned according to its creator

Silent Hill “remake” should be redesigned according to its creator

Busy preparing a possible new horror game benchmark, the creator of silent Hill was asked about the possibility of a “remake” of this last title. Keiichiro Toyama did not seem to rule out the idea, pointing out, however, that such a project would be more difficult to set up than for a Resident Evil.

For starters, if you are looking for a way to live or relive the experience of silent Hill first of the name without going through the original Playstation game, it is first of all a great pity. Then there is already a modern version of silent Hill, it is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories published in 2009.

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So of course, we can answer that this title was not developed by the Silent Team but by the British of Climax; that it is not in HD since released on Wii, PS2 and PSP and that it is more of a replay than a “remake”. But remaking Silent Hill more literally, and true to the original material, wouldn’t necessarily be relevant. In any case, this is what the director of the first silent Hill.

Easier to “remake” Resident Evil than Silent Hill according to Toyama

Asked by VGC on the possibility of realizing, on behalf of Konami, a “remake” of Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama replied by the complexity of such a project. Faced with recent successful initiatives from Capcom to Resident Evil 2 and 3, the creator of Silent Hill believes that it would not be enough, here, to make the original game more beautiful to satisfy the players.

“I think it would be more difficult to ‘remaker’ than Biohazard [NDLR : appellation japonaise et originale de Resident Evil], because the gameplay as a concept is a bit older.

It’s not an action game where you can just fine tune the action like in Biohazard. Fans wouldn’t be happy to bring Silent Hill up to current standards or tweak the graphics.

That’s not what it was all about – her level of beauty. I think the concept should be rethought to make it interesting for the fans. ”

Keiichiro Toyama acknowledges that playing a game from another era is not easy, but that he would have no problem revisiting a formula of yesteryear to make it compatible with the present day. For now, our man is at work on Slitterhead, recently unveiled at the Game Awards 2021.

Source: VGC

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