Sky Ridge offers new robots for medical surgery

With the evolution of technology, companies are increasingly offering innovative solutions for each sector of activity, including that of health. Recently the leader in robot-assisted surgery Sky ridge started the construction of a special robotic unit for the hospital of Lone tree. Due to the number of procedures performed on women, it will be installed next to the gynecology.

The establishment of this $ 20 million unit is part of the development of the high-tech surgery from the medical center. Appeared during the last decade, the robotic technology has evolved a lot. It has so far made it possible to deal with many problems related togenital tool of the woman.

The arrival of such a squadron represents a good news for Lone Tree surgeons. For the occasion, the health center started building theEvergreen, a building of 26000 square feet scheduled to open for 2022.

More efficient and safer surgical procedures

Often associated with minimally invasive surgery, surgery robot assisted is carried out by small incisions. Thus, it allows to remove tumors with more than precision and deal with issues with less complications. What is more, it allows physicians to perform variety of procedures with over flexibility and control than with conventional techniques.

With this technology, the way surgeons work on patients has undergone changes. Since a computer console, they have access to a whole arsenal of gadgets used to control mechanical arms equipped with surgical instruments. These make it possible to carry out all the necessary manipulations during theintervention. To do this, an on-board camera gives the doctor a view High Definition, enlarged and in 3D.

A major medical revolution

the time saving represents one of the main advantages obtained with the arrival of this technology. Formerly, the preperation surgery could take up to one o’clockeven with robotic assistance. The new cargo of robots will allow a much faster preparation which will take approximately 10 minutes.

Since the year 2013, the Sky Ridge company operates robot-assisted medical surgery. With nearly 250 robot-assisted procedures during this year, it hopes to perform more than 1300. According to the CEO’s statements, the company’s primary ambition is to have the most large team of robots of the region.

“Sky Ridge is fast becoming one of the most active robotic procedural hospitals in Colorado. We want to become a regional service center offering these procedures. This expansion will allow us to have the largest fleet of robots in the Rocky Mountain region. ”

Kirk McCarty, CEO of Sky Ridge

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