Smart Buds Pro, behind this name, surprising wireless headphones!

Smart Buds Pro, behind this name, surprising wireless headphones!

Little known, the new Du Smart Buds Pro earphones from Xiadu arrive on the market without promising the moon, and yet they are surprising! Verdict.

Baidu, a giant entering the dance

The Smart Buds Pro from Xiadu are in-ear headphones that come a bit from nowhere! With such a name for example, one can really wonder if it’s not an ultimate counter-fashion imported from Asia with a random translation. And yet, think again, because these Smart Buds Pro are not only made by Baidu, a tech giant which is the equivalent of Google in China (search, AI, robotics, autonomous cars, etc.), but they also have interesting features for an excellent quality/price ratio !

After a first version Smart Buds quite classic and unnoticed, at least in France, Xiadu (Baidu brand) is back with a much more interesting Pro version, but also very close to Apple’s Airpods Pro. Today, it becomes difficult to make a pair of in-ear headphones that are radically different from competitors, it’s a bit like a smartphone. As a result, the brands are trying to differentiate themselves whether on the audio part or on the software part.

These wireless headphones (Bluetooth 5.2) are delivered in a box containing the headphones charging box, the two wireless headphones, different sizes of tips, a USB Type C cable, and a small manual. As you will have noticed, these earphones are truly intra, the flexible tip makes it possible to put them well in the ear (several sizes are delivered), unlike the classic version which, as for the Airpods, slipped in the ear without entering it. They are IP54/IPX4 certified.

The headphones and their charging box are glossy white. Everything is quite classic here, with headphones that are magnetized in the case and recharge at that time. A button on the side of the box allows you to pair them with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device. Finally, note that the box offers up to 35 hours of autonomy for the headphones and can be recharged quite quickly.

The Smart Buds Pro are equipped with three microphones that offer noise cancellation up to 40dB (Active Noise Cancelling) with several modes available, a presence detector that mutes the earphones when you remove them, as well as controls tactile screens arranged on the small branches of each earpiece. It is the Xiaodu application that allows you to configure the various commands of these; for example: swipe to control volume, pinch to select noise reduction, tap to control music.

As so often, the controls on headphones of this type are not super precise and there are often hiccups, between pinching, sliding, tapping, that’s a lot in so little space! However, the basic commands fortunately respond correctly and that’s the main thing, then the app is also there to help you.

A complete app

The Xiaodu application available on Android and iOS is therefore very important for these headphones, because it not only allows them to be configured, but also to access various more or less practical functions. For the moment it is unfortunately in English, but it is not too complicated to understand. With the latter you can for example activate/deactivate noise cancellation, see the battery level of the headphones and the box, make the latest firmware updates, or even configure the behavior of your headphones. But above all, it is via this that you will be able to use the translation features!

These are available in two services:

  • “Dialogue translation” which allows you to instantly translate a dialogue between two people with different languages. The language to be translated is picked up via the microphone, which instantly sends the translation to you in the headphones. Honestly, even if this type of functionality is not new (Google for example offers it on its headphones), it’s quite impressive even with sometimes a little latency, because your smartphone obviously be connected. The app can translate up to 40 different languages.
  • “Simultaneous interpretation” which is a feature similar to Google translate using the microphone of your smartphone to translate one language to another.

Other less important features are available, but may come in handy:

  • “Call recording” to record a call.
  • “Voice notes” to record voice memos from the microphone of the earphones or that of your smartphone.

Surprising sound quality

After listening to several hours of Spotify playlists and other videos, the result is quite good! If we take the price into account (80 euros), these headphones are on the one hand quite comfortable, light, but also have an above average sound quality (12mm speakers). Indeed, the sound reproduction is quite balanced, warm even with bass which is not omnipresent, the highs are on the other hand a little behind. We can regret not having at least one customizable equalizer via the app which would have made it possible to have a more precise sound depending on the type of music listened to.

The only real downside concerns the calls, I sometimes encountered some problems with the sound or the interlocutor had difficulty hearing me, it was random, difficult to say if it was not also due to the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone. On the other hand, when it comes to use with other media such as videos on smartphones, I did not encounter any specific latency. Finally, note that it is possible to use a single earpiece, which can sometimes be practical.

Autonomy in the norm

Xiaodu announces an autonomy of up to 35 hours for its headphones, in fact it’s a little less, but still more than enough! Indeed, with the ANC activated, we are on an average of 4 hours on the battery of the headphones and up to 22 hours thanks to the charging case. By deactivating the ANC, the gain is around 2 additional hours for the headphones and almost 10 hours with the box! Recharging is done quite quickly in USB Type C since 10 minutes are enough to have 2 hours of music.

Where to buy them?

Available since mid-February, Xiadu’s Du Smart Buds Pro headphones are priced at 79.99 euros (instead of 99.99 euros) at AliExpress with a 2-year warranty, fast delivery in a few days from Europe , and VAT included.

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