Smartphones, consoles, tablets… Here are the most prized items during burglaries

Smartphones, consoles, tablets… Here are the most prized items during burglaries

A recent study sheds light on the high-tech products most sought after in burglaries, and gives some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises.

With 249,000 burglaries in 2017, they are still commonplace in France, even if security solutions are much more developed than a few years ago. However, summer remains a prime time for thieves, who can target homes and apartments whose occupants are on vacation.

Burglaries are thus 30% more numerous in July and August, especially in metropolitan France. Verisure (a company specializing in alarms and remote monitoring) has just drawn up a list of the high-tech objects most targeted by thieves.

These have the advantage of not being too bulky and especially of reselling very well (and quickly) on the black market. The explosion in the prices of our smartphones (among others) therefore makes them the parts of choice for a high gain.

The document tells us that thieves still focus on jewelry, computer and hi-fi equipment as well as cash (obviously). When it comes to high-tech, however, they have preferences. We see that the PlayStation are the most stolen equipment, ahead of iPhones, iPads and smartphones from the Samsung brand.

To avoid being a target this summer, Verisure advises to:

  • Do not have an apparent safe
  • Leave your keys with neighbors or people you trust
  • Notify the police when you go on vacation
  • Prepare your proof of presence and value of the goods well in case
  • Do not keep the supporting documents in question with the goods
  • Do not reveal too much about your life on social networks

This is obviously the last one that challenges us, and which shows that over-presence on social networks can be harmful to the user. It is very easy for a thief to find that valuables are likely to be in a home by looking at photos shared on Facebook or Instagram. And guess through the same that the occupants are on vacation. Prevention is therefore better than cure.

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