Smartphones find themselves (again) at the heart of the Sino-American conflict

Motorola and OnePlus decided to cancel their respective events at the last moment. The two brands do not specify the reasons for these decisions, but they follow the renewed tensions between China and the United States around Taiwan.

Motorola and OnePlus had major announcements scheduled for August 2 and 3. The first city was about to announce its third iteration of its folding Razr and the Moto Edge X30 Pro. For its part, OnePlus was to present in China a OnePlus Ace Pro equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. These two events were suddenly canceled; without further clarification from the two manufacturers.

A few hours before his conference, Motorola gives up

Less than two weeks ago, Motorola gave an appointment for what was to be the brand’s most important launch in 2022. It planned to formalize its Motorola Razr (2022), a new version of its flip-folding smartphone. Specific to China, the event was expected worldwide. Indeed, it was to mark Motorola’s return to this segment after two years of silence. The firm wanted to pull the rug out from under Samsung; by presenting its new Razr before the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Lenovo’s General Manager for China, Chen Jin, finally announced on the Chinese social network Weibo the cancellation of this event: “I am sorry to inform you that the Moto New Product Launch Conference, originally scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight, has been canceled for some reason. We always sincerely hope to bring new Moto products to everyone, and remain the brand Chinese users love.”.

OnePlus Ace Pro
In China, it will still be necessary to wait before discovering the OnePlus Ace Pro. © OnePlus

And to add: “We are deeply sorry, and thank you for your support of new Moto products”.

OnePlus also postpones its event

Same story on the side of OnePlus. The Chinese brand released a last-minute statement on Weibo to indicate the postponement of its launch event. “We are very sorry that the OnePlus Ace Pro new product launch conference and recent related activities have been postponed for some reason, and follow-up action plans will be announced separately”specifies the firm in a message spotted by the leaker Mukul Sharma.

As far as we know, the international launch of the OnePlus 10T is still on the cards. It will be held in a few hours on the New York side.

Why are these events planned in China canceled?

The two brands do not expand on the reasons that lead them to cancel their events. It is nevertheless difficult not to see a link with international news; marked by new tensions between China and the United States around Taiwan. While the situation was already particularly tense; the arrival of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States, has caused renewed tensions between the two giants.

Like the Russian-Ukrainian war, this political conflict can have a direct impact on the tech sector. The Taiwanese semiconductor giant TSMC is also worried about the consequences of a possible invasion of the region by China.

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