Snapchat+ already reaches one million subscribers and adds other new features

Snapchat+ has been around since the end of June and is already enjoying success as it now has one million subscriber users. This subscription, which costs €4.49/month or €45.99/year, adds a few features.

Snapchat Logo

Here is what Snapchat+ offers basic:

  • Pin a friend to declare them as a best friend
  • Have access to exclusive Snapchat icons to change them as desired
  • Display a dedicated badge on their profile
  • See your orbit with your best friend
  • See where your friends have been in the past 24 hours (if they have geolocation enabled)
  • See how many friends have reviewed your story

Today, the social network announces other novelties. Among the updates is priority to story replies, which makes Snapchat+ subscribers’ replies more visible when replying to users with stars (public figures and other creators with a verified presence on the social network). Other features are cosmetic, like special backgrounds for users’ Bitmojis and new app icon designs. Followers can also add an emoji to display to their friends after they watch a Snap.

The existence of the subscription allows Snapchat to generate new revenue. The group was notably affected by Apple’s anti-tracking policy on iOS, as were other groups (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This prompted him to create a subscription.

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