Snapchat+ is launched, a paid subscription for new features

After the leak, make way for the formalization of Snapchat +, namely a new paid subscription launched by the social network of the same name. It allows to have new functionalities.

Snapchat Icon Logo

Here are the new features that will be available with Snapchat+:

  • Pin a friend to declare them as a best friend
  • Have access to exclusive Snapchat icons to change them as desired
  • Display a dedicated badge on their profile
  • See your orbit with your best friend
  • See where your friends have been in the past 24 hours (if they have geolocation enabled)
  • See how many friends have reviewed your story

The subscription is initially available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The price is 4.59€/month or 45.99€/year. Those who hoped to enjoy Snapchat without advertising may in any case be disappointed. Indeed, the subscription does not allow you to remove advertisements, it is only used to add features here and there.

An interesting point is that some features that are currently paid for should become available for free to everyone in the future. Indeed, Jacob Andreou, the company’s vice president of product, tells The Verge that features that rely on interactions with other people will eventually be made available to the entire user base. .

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