Snapchat launches editing tool compatible with TikTok and Instagram

All means are good to keep your audience. Snapchat wants to professionalize video creation on its platform with a new stand-alone application, which has the good taste of being compatible with the competition.

Editing a video for social networks without being limited to the tools natively available on a platform or going through professional software is now possible. This week, Snapchat launched Story Studio, a stand-alone application that aims to give content creators professional tools to edit their creations, with particular attention to the vertical format intended for social networks.

Announced since last May, Story Studio is now available for iOS users located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition to editing, it allows you to add additional elements to a video, such as text, background sound, and even augmented reality filters. Handsome gamer, Snapchat confirmed that videos edited in Story Studio could then be directly exported and uploaded to other platforms. Unlike TikTok, the application will not impose any watermark on its contents, which will allow them to be exploited on any other social network, including the competition.

Snapchat wants to keep its influencers

It’s no longer a secret that while social networks face increasingly fierce competition, all their efforts are focused on influencers and other content creators. Not only are they the ones who attract the general public, but in addition it is also thanks to their work that the platforms can offer affiliate content, and therefore profitable. While the launch of Spotlight last November has already officially allowed the company to pay more than $ 250 million to some 12,000 creators, Snapchat aims to perpetuate its role with creators, to continue to offer them “A range of opportunities” allowing the remuneration of the most popular content. We are still a long way from Facebook, which recently planned to pay out a billion dollars to its most influential creators by 2022.

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