Snapchat lets you change your username

Snapchat announces that changing their username will be available for everyone from February 23 (it’s already in place for some people). Those who no longer assume a nickname chosen a few years ago will thus be able to make a modification.

Snapchat Change Username

How to change your username on Snapchat

Changing your username on Snapchat has no data impact. Your friends will still be there, as will your account subscriptions and everything else. The Snapcode will also remain unchanged, as will the memories.

Be careful though: it is only possible to change your nickname once a year. Also, you will not be able to reuse later a nickname that you have already used in the past or that has been used by someone else. So you have to be sure before making a change.

To change your username, open the Snapchat app, tap your profile at the top left of the screen, then tap the gear at the top right to access settings, then select “Username.” Then just touch “Change my username”, enter the one you want and validate. It’s done, the change has taken place and is intended to be immediate, both for you and for your loved ones for whom the modification is done automatically, they do not need to make any change.

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