Snapchat offers to film with the front and rear cameras of the smartphone

Snapchat adds a new option called “Dual camera” which allows you to film with the front and rear cameras of your smartphone. It’s available now.

Snapchat Dual Camera

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, teased the feature in April, when it said the new video option would be part of a suite of more advanced features for creators called director mode. While waiting for the launch of the director mode (it will come within the next few months), the company has chosen to roll out the dual camera as a standalone feature in Snapchat.

Here is how the system is presented:

Open your Snapchat and you will see a new icon in the camera toolbar. With a single tap, you can start creating Snaps and Stories, or more polished Spotlight videos, with a dual perspective. The dual camera is a creative way for our community to capture exciting moments while still being part of the memory — like wiggling your hips at a music festival or everyday moments like your cooking adventures in the kitchen.

The “Dual Camera” option has four layouts: vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture, and cutout. Users can also add the creative tools including music, stickers, and filters.

For the moment, Snapchat announces that the novelty is available on its iOS application. Those who have an Android smartphone will have to wait a few months to take advantage of it.

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