Social Truth: Donald Trump launches his own social network (sort of …)

Always so pissed off since his failure in the last US presidential election, Donald trump announces the launch of Social Truth, a new social network where the former American president can deliver HIS truth to the rest of the world. As strange as it may sound, Apple has already pre-validated the app. Social Truth, but nothing says that it can stay in the App Store for a long time if the published content flirts too often with the limits.

Lizz Harrington, spokesperson for TMTG, announces the upcoming launch of Truth Social, a social network platform, but above all a very… alternative information channel

Trump’s press release already says a lot about the tone of this unique news channel: “We live in a world where the Taliban are very present on Twitter, but your favorite American president has been silenced”. Thruth Social was developed by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), a company that Donald Trump intends to list soon on the Nasdaq! In view of the description of the app, it appears less as a real social network than as an information channel that we imagine fairly oriented. There will be games, podcasts “without woke content” (sigh…) as well as a news feed which should be fairly relaxed.

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