Sonic 2 is revealed in a second punchy trailer

The rest of Sonic’s adventures take an even more explosive turn, as Doctor Robotnik resurfaces accompanied by the terrible Knuckles.

While the first film was an unexpected success, Sonic is about to return to the big screen with a second film dedicated to his crazy adventures. After inviting himself to the Super Bowl Finals with a mini trailer, the little blue hedgehog bursts into a wedding in a new trailer shared by Paramount. On Twitter, the firm had published the Sonic version, filled with easter eggs of all kinds, but here is the normal speed version for you.

An electric atmosphere on the verge of explosion

In this new installment, Sonic sees the appearance of two new characters well known to players: Tails and Knuckles. The first will have to help him in his quest to find a super powerful emerald, while the second will put a spoke in his wheels as he joins forces with the fearsome Doctor Robotnik. This new trailer puts more emphasis on the breathtaking fights between all these characters.

We will obviously find Jim Carrey in the role of the Doctor, as well as Idris Elba in the skin of the red hedgehog, and always Ben Schwartz to double Sonic in VO. It is also the original voice of Tails who will resume service, namely Colleen O’Shaughnessey. All these beautiful people will have to cross half the earth to find the jewel, so powerful that it could destroy humanity. This is precisely why Sonic can’t decently let him fall into the wrong hands of Robotnik.

Soon available in theaters

For fans of the license, you should not wait very long to discover sonic 2 in cinemas, it will be released in theaters on March 30. On the video game side, we are still waiting for news from Sonic Frontiers, the first blue hedgehog open world game. A trailer was shared during the Game Awards, with the added bonus of a release window set for the end of 2022. We should therefore have new images within the next few months if all goes well.

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