Sony and Tencent have just offered the studio of Elden Ring and Dark Souls

The two giants of the video game industry have just acquired a large share of the From Software studio: we will have to share!

The news has just fallen and is having the effect of a bomb on the gaming community. Sony and Tencent ride on the success of the From Software franchises and buy large shares of the studio. Nearly a third of the shares were purchased, a sizeable acquisition to say the least. Elden Ring, the youngest of the teams sold like hot cakes, tearing off no less than 16.6 million copies. Faced with such success, the interest of the two industry giants is not surprising.

This is not Sony’s first takeover of the studio and continues to impose itself. Indeed, a takeover in February 2021 of 1.93% of the shares of Kadokawa Corporation, the parent company of From Software, already launched rumors of a potential acquisition of the studio by PlayStation. However, the reality is quite different now that Sony is going to have to share with one of its competitors. The Chinese industry giant is getting involved and does not intend to give up. Sony has just acquired 14.09% of the shares while Tencent has won 16.25%. For a total of 30.34%, the two firms impose themselves at the studio at the origin of Souls-like.

What future for From Software?

Despite this major buyout, things should not change too much for the studio and its projects. Hidetaka Miyazaki already mentioned his new title last June without giving too many details. New Souls-like or not, the developer’s reputation precedes it and future success is surely on the way. He had also indicated that he was interested in service games (as Overwatch 2 will very soon be), this partial takeover by Tencent is therefore perhaps not trivial. Is the studio’s first free-to-play in progress? ?

On the side of the parent company, Kadokawa Corporation expressed wanting to get closer to Sony to work hand in hand on new projects. The studio offers more and more different works and is no longer confined to games but finds new success in films and series. It must be admitted that a series Dark Souls could well become a real Game Of Thrones-like equally hardcore. Suffice to say that this double takeover promises a bright future for From Software and its licenses, so fans can be delighted.

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