Sony executive fired on pedophilia charges

Following accusations of pedophilia issued against an executive Sony, the company has made the decision to part ways with the former senior vice president of PlayStation Network.

It is a gloomy affair which is reported there, if only for the immediate consequences observed. “People V. Preds” is a group fighting against pedophile acts committed or going to be. “We catch prey online that prey on children for sexual activities”, can we read on the YouTube page of this association.

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A way of proceeding that one could consider brutal, because not embarrassing oneself with questions of confidentiality related to the suspects brought to light. Even so, one of those videos recently led a very powerful company to take drastic action against one of its figures.

Pedophile accusations of an executive: Sony says it is “aware of the situation”

In a particularly detailed video, we learn that a Sony executive was allegedly caught about to have sex with a minor. Only, any report of this kind would probably not have been able to take place since it is a lure of People v. Preds who introduced himself.

The man, who we are told senior vice-president of PlayStation Network since 2013, would have established contact with a person registered on Grindr, a dating application for gay, bisexual and transgender people. The manager’s interlocutor described himself as 15 years old. After providing photographs to his contact, the man allegedly agreed to meet with him for sexual relations.

The video shows the man in a PlayStation 5 t-shirt waiting outside his house, before welcoming the one he believed to be the miner. Released at the end of last week, this recording was quick to react Sony. In a press release released on Sunday, the company made the following statement in particular:

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been dismissed”.

A spokesperson for People v. Preds said that the choice to make the video public results from the non-collaboration between the authorities and this kind of “cyber-groups”. Now it’s up to the investigators to take over.

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