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Sony finally passes the bar of 19 million sales since the release of the console

The PlayStation 5 lying horizontally
The PlayStation 5 lying horizontally

Around 19.3 million PlayStation 5s have been sold since the console was released in 2020. This is according to Sony’s financial results for the fiscal year ended last March.

Semiconductor crisis and general trend

In the document published on May 10, the Japanese group explains that the performance, below expectations, is notably due to the ongoing semiconductor crisis. Sony had planned to sell 14.8 million PS5s during the past fiscal year but ultimately only sold 11.5 million.

The number of users in the Playstation ecosystem has also fallen, from 109 million in 2021 to 106 million this year.

Sony is not the only company to have suffered the effects of this shortage over the period under review. Nintendo, too, recently announced a 20% contraction in sales year-on-year. This, despite the fact that it has sold over 107 million Switches.

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Encouraging prospects

Despite its negative results, Sony remains positive. The company expects to sell 18 million PS5s in the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said that goal is “a figure based on our current parts supply visibility”.

If it is not available on the market, the demand for the PS5 remains strong. It is also due to this demand, and certain changes in the component supply chain, that Sony is confident that it will achieve its objectives.

It would, however, be naive to overlook the impact that the semiconductor crisis will have on the firm’s performance during the fiscal year under way.

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