Sony gives you free consoles with hidden codes!

Sony is rolling out a new way to get the PS5 for free, using Treat Codes hidden all over the world.

For almost a year and a half, many players have been on a treasure hunt to try to get the precious and rare PS5. Sony’s latest generation console is indeed suffering the consequences of the shortage of components, and is therefore replenished in dribs and drabs. A few weeks ago, Sony opened its direct delivery service in France, which allowed you to buy a console at the normal price directly from the brand, subject to available stocks, which are also sparse.

Today, the firm announces the organization of a very special contest, which will last more than two weeks and which will allow 14 lucky players to win a PS5 for free. Indeed, Sony announces that 14 unique codes will be traveling around the world, and on all available platforms, over the next few weeks. Each code is equivalent to a chance to win the console.

These are actually “Treat Codes” made up of the symbols that can be found on PlayStation controllers, those that make the brand famous today. Do not count only the geometric symbols, you can also find the commands R1, R2, L1 and L2 in the formulation of the series of codes.

Where can I find these codes?

The contest started on February 16, so you can already try your luck to win the console. The codes, visibly composed of 10 characters, can appear in online content (publication on networks, videos, advertising, etc.), or in broadcast content (sports match, film at the cinema, advertising in a concert, etc. ). In other words, they can appear at any time and in any form.

You have until March 7 at 7 p.m. to identify one of the 14 scattered codes, and enter it into the dedicated site to try to get your PS5. Note that this special operation is accessible via certain predefined countries, including France. But beware, a code found does not mean that you will automatically receive a console. On this basis, a code can therefore be used by several people.

What will make the difference is your answer to a question that will be asked once the code has been validated. Sony does not disclose the nature of this question, but a wrong answer may cause you to lose your advantage. Don’t hesitate to enter several codes either, you have 14 chances to win a PS5. It is only a few weeks after the date of March 7 that Sony will draw lots among the people who have answered correctly.

A first clue!

To start your quest well, Sony gives you a little hint: “ Keep an eye out for creator channels streaming PlayStation games this week. »

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