Sony is preparing its own version of Steam for PC gamers

Hidden files in the PC version of Spider-Man reveal the existence of a certain PlayStation launcher.

For some time now, Sony has been rushing to bring its biggest hits to PC. Horizon Zero Dawn, god of war and now Spiderman, the library of PlayStation titles for PC gamers is slowly but surely growing. The release of the latest title has also revealed some secrets that seem to promise a bright future for games from studios stamped PS.

Last May, Sony expressed its desire to bring half of its games to PC and mobile by 2025. This decision is ambitious and does not fail to delight players from all walks of life. Soon these are Uncharted, The Last of Us and Spider-Man Miles Morales who are about to make their arrival under the label “PlayStation PC“. So far, ports have been released on Steam and Epic Games, but Sony may be taking the lead in delivering an authentic PlayStation experience on computers.

A Sony-style Steam?

Our colleagues from VGC have reported a very strange discovery in the files of the PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. After checking the data, doubt is no longer allowed: a PlayStation launcher is in preparation. Nothing indicates if this project is on the right track or if Sony plans to go after this idea, but an integration of the PlayStation ecosystem on PC is not to be excluded. Indeed, in addition to referring to the famous launcher, the files collected allude to a connection to Sony’s online services.

Then there are “PSNAccountLinked” or “PSNLinking Entitlements“. With these proofs, it is not difficult to imagine a PlayStation launcher allowing to carry the user experience in addition to the games. The implementation of such a system would allow Sony to remain in control of its licenses while offering a more qualitative experience. This initiative would then align perfectly with the guidelines of the manufacturer to catch up with its main competitor, namely Microsoft.

After a new PlayStation Plus drawing heavily from Game Pass, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover a competitor to the Xbox Play Anywhere system. If there is a launcher, Sony would have everything to gain by offering a cross-buy system allowing purchase sharing between the console and the PC. These rumors had already surfaced earlier this year in an XboxEra podcast, and the evidence continues to pile up. No official news yet, but it won’t be long as Sony picks up the pace for its PC games.

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